Your tax deductible donation means the world to us! You can help in so many ways! You can click on the 'donate' button above, or send a check to  'Music That's Mine, Inc.! 

Also, your business can partner with us to help provide services needed to make this program a success!! With your help, we can give children who are hospitalized and sick comfort, peace, and happiness.

Send contributions and correspondence to:

Music That's Mine, Inc.
2021 Stonehollow Road
Richmond, Va. 23238

Studio Performance Academy
operates out of Discovery Church:

13000 Gayton Rd.,  Richmond, VA 23233

(804) 839-5305

We're more than an  academy...

We're a community!

In-depth research has concluded that music is a powerful tool that can positively affect people's lives.  Research has also shown that music which is personally meaningful, can help to calm, soothe, comfort, and heal those that need it most. Music That's Mine, Inc.'s goal is to provide personalized music for anyone- youth to seniors- who don't have the ability, resources or finances to have access to music that would be personally meaningful and healing to them. We would be happy to customize music, provide cd's, cd players or mp3 players for anyone or any group that is in need. Whether in a hospital or retirement home, or a group with special needs, we are ready at a moments notice to provide personally meaningful and healing music all free of charge!

Please e-mail with any requests. We will deliver the music you need for a loved one, a friend, or an organization that you know would benefit!

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization